Matus-Salins Marching Band::

the newly formed duo of Latvian singer Laila Salins and bandleader Jim Matus perform original songs, accompanied by guitars, laoutar and harmonium - drawing on a lifetime of musical adventures in world fusion, chamber music, folk, tango and jazz, to create sonic dreamscapes.

Songs along the Amber Road

Laila and Jim created the song cycle as part of the European “Capitals of Culture” program.  This is a journey, in song, music and images - along the amber road, the ancient trading route that led from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. Original music has been combined with arrangements of ancient melodies from: Finland, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Greece and Egypt. A narrative describes the history and myths of the amber road. Video images were created by Arturs Virtmanis. Performed at the Riga Congress Hall in Latvia on August 6, 2014 by the Talamana Ensemble: Laila Salins: vocals, shruti, melodica; Jim Matus: laoutar, vocals; Shane Shanahan: percussion; Timo Väänänen: kantele, vocals

Laila Salins, copyright 2019