Laila Salins, copyright 2019

“Laila Salins captivated the crowd with her tender performance of these melancholy songs." (New YorkTimes)


"Exceptional in her singing ability, feeling for style and performing intensity was Laila Salins in the part of Arsamenes."                       (New Zurich Times, Switzerland)

“Laila Salins crosses all the old barriers to open a door to the riches of a culture where deep, ancient and ancestral strains meet the contemporary worlds of folk and popular music, all in a mix that is as true to its roots as it is original, moving and articulate for our latter day."  

               Eric Salzman (composer, producer, and author of

                                    20th Century Music: An Introduction)

Ms. Salins surely has one of the most remarkable vocal ranges of any singer I’ve heard… it is as clear and limpid as a pinot grigio at the top and as earthy as a merlot at the bottom…”                          (Southampton Press, New York)

Miss Salins bewitched the audience with her sensuous, cat-like Carmen."             (Literature and Art, Riga, Latvia)

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I grew up just beyond the skyline of New York, immersed in the cultural heritage of my Latvian (Eastern European) émigré community. After early studies in piano and classical guitar, I went on to pursue my love of singing. This led to a richly diverse performing career in a wide variety of styles, including chamber music, opera, music theater, art-rock, folk music, jazz and tango. I've been a founding member of the ensembles: Ecliptica, TalaMana, Ballistic Cabaret, Kolibri, and the Matus Salins Marching Band; and have sung leading roles with the Zurich Opera (Switzerland), Music Theater Group (NY), the Latvian National Opera, Opera Factory Zurich, the New Riga Theater, Connecticut Grand Opera, and the Gerold Opera House, among others.

     My original music theater and song cycle collaborations include Hell’s Kitchen: NY-Latvia; Songs along the Amber Road; Self-Portraiture as Medicine; Tango-Ballads; InSomnia/InSexton; and The Incredible Adventures of Champagne Charlie.

     My original songs can be heard on the recordings Elevator into the Sky (poetry of Anne Sexton) and Saskandinot (Latvian ballads and drinking songs).